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Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Nanning City

Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Nanning City


Women and children's Hospital of maternal and Child Health Hospital of Nanning City, Nanning City, founded in 1954, after the efforts of several generations, has developed into a maternal and child characteristics, health care, medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention as one of two national maternal and child health care institutions. In 1993 won the title of Guangxi first national Baby Friendly Hospital, in 1996 won the national maternal and child health workadvanced unit, in 1998 won the title of national level two maternal and child health care hospital,1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 for four consecutive years as advanced unit in Nanning City, in 2000by the Nanning city advanced unit of spiritual civilization, the autonomous region of baby friendly hospital advanced unit.

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