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Guangzhou South Railway Station

Guangzhou South Railway Station


Guangzhou South Railway Station is the passenger stations principal, also known as the newGuangzhou Railway Station or Guangzhou new railway station, formerly known as Shi Bi station,located in the village of Shek Pik Panyu District Zhongcun town Guangzhou city Guangdongprovince of China, is a large modern railway station, 17 km from downtown Guangzhou, start construction in December 30, 2004, and in January 30, 2010 (2010 built before the Spring Festival) enable. Beijing high iron, your wide high iron, high iron, Nan Guang Guang city rail,Hajime Guangfo inter city rail traffic intersection is under construction, and is currently theWuhan Guangzhou passenger dedicated line and the Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong passenger three originating station one, but also three originating station of the Zhuhai intercity rail transportation, but also built in three eye bridge connection line connecting the existingGuangzhou Railway Station, GuangZhou East Railway Station and Guangzhou west station etc..Guangzhou South Railway Station and Guangzhou Railway Station, GuangZhou East Railway Station and GuangZhou North Railway Station jointly formed by one of China's National Railways Ministry is planning four major passenger transportation center - Guangzhou railway passenger hub. Is expected in 2020 passenger sends quantity for 80140000 people. Guangzhou South Railway Station in January 30, 2010 officially opened.

Guangzhou South Railway Station is the city of Guangzhou where an integrated transport hub,passengers can directly transfer stations in railway, subway, bus, taxi and other transport.Guangzhou Metro Line 2, line 7, line 20 and line 2 of Foshan metro, metro line will be in Guangzhou South Railway Station to the ground or near Guangzhou new railway station, the formation of a centralized transfer center.

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