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Zhongshan Xiaolan people's Hospital

Zhongshan Xiaolan people


      Xiaolan people's Hospital of Zhongshan city is state-owned public hospitals. The hospital has 99 years of history, is the important base of Zhongshan north of the area of medical treatment,teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care. The hospital outpatient amount 80 to900000 passengers, 25000 inpatients; in 1994 was named the two level of first-class hospital,national baby friendly hospital. In July 14, 2011, was named the three level of first-classcomprehensive hospital.

      "New North dragon" brand decorative products products using advanced molding technology,modern environmental protection, lasting color of the surface coating, so that the product hasfeatures of convenient installation, beautiful appearance, novel style. "New North dragon" brandproducts by the State Bureau of building materials industry quality inspection center detection,various technical indicators have reached the national standard, China's construction industry associations and was recommended as the "construction of new technology and new products"by ISO9001 in 2002. The 2000 international standard quality system certification. With the North dragon people's wisdom and hard work, to high-quality products, good reputation, good after-sales service, won the majority of users of the respect and love, the "new North dragon" brand products sell well in domestic large and middle cities.

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