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Guangzhou TV Tower

Guangzhou TV Tower


The final scheme of Guangzhou tower design for the gradient mesh structure oval, shape,space and structure consists of two upward rotating elliptical steel shell change generation, abase of the plane, a plane in the imaginary 450 meters high, two ellipses rotate 135 degrees ofeach other, the two ellipse twist contraction fine at the waist. Lattice structure is relatively loose,up to the waist is more intensive, the waist is fixed, such as braided rope, showing "slender waist", to the lattice structure loose, supported by a tubular structure column tapering. Plane size and structure density is controlled by the structure design of the two ellipse control, rangeand produce different effect. The tower body from different direction will not have the sameshape. At the top of the structure is more open to produce transparent effect for observation,section waist relatively dense buildings can provide a relatively intimate experience. The overallnet tower air leakage hole, can effectively reduce the tower of heavy flu and wind load. The tower body by seismic design level, can resist the seismic intensity 7.8 earthquake and the 12 typhoon, the design service life of more than 100 years. Although the Guangzhou new TV towertower height is not the pursuit of the world's highest, but with 160 meters of the transmitting antenna, the whole of Guangzhou new TV tower height of 610 meters will become the highest in asia.

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